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  • Attraction park in Agen, near the hotel

Parc Walygator & Parc Aqualand in Agen

The Agen Walygator park near our hotel

Walygator is a 30-hectare amusement park that offers you an unforgettable moment with family or friends! The park offers a multitude of attractions that can satisfy the needs of each member of a family. It offers attractions for children, for teenagers and also for people who love thrills.

For a few years Waligator (formerly Walibi) has also hosted a water park: Aqualand!

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Two experiences in one destination: AGEN!

Located just a few kilometres from our establishment, the 2 parks complement each other perfectly.

The first, Parc Waligator, is 25 attractions whose credo is to satisfy the whole family. Established on 30 hectares, it's a guaranteed treat with family or friends. The park offers a multitude of attractions to satisfy everyone's needs. It offers attractions for children, for the family and also for people who love thrills.



parc attraction famililale proche de l'hôtel d'Agen

Aqualand, Waligator's water park!

The second park "Aqualand" will allow you to refresh and relax. Numerous water games, wave pools, from small slides to the biggest thrills, there is also something for the whole family. Aqualand, it's 18 slides and many relaxation areas for the whole family!

The water park near the hotel in Agen

Practical information

The two parks have different opening schedules. In 2021, Waligator park opened on Friday 02 July and only closes at the beginning of November after the All Saints' Day school holidays when the park is themed around Halloween. The Aqualand park, on the other hand, is only accessible during the summer and opens its doors from Saturday 03 July and will close them on Sunday 05 September in the evening.


Our Waligator Hotel and Park, Aqualand package

Enjoying our location with the theme park, we are able to offer "All Inclusive Packages" for you and your family. Here are our pricing offers:

p style="text-align: center;">Please note: It is necessary to contact us directly - Thank you for your understanding.
Children are considered from 4 up to and including the age of 10. an ID may be asked at the entrance of the Park, please be careful.


From April until the beginning of November, the Brit Hotel d'Agen offers its customers a new package including 2 nights within our establishment, your breakfasts as well as the entries to the 2 parks. Do not hesitate to call us directly at 05 53 96 36 35. Also, remember to check that your date of stay in our hotel in Agen corresponds well with the openings of the parks you want to do; for this go to the official website of Waligator, calendar section.

Itinerary from the Aquitaine Hotel in Agen to the Walygator Amusement Park

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